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ReviewYoo ​is THE fast​est, easiest​ way ​to​ ​build your ​​5-Star ***** online reputation ​​so you​​​ ​win more business ​and leave your ​competitors in the dust 

 Why Your Online Reputation Matters

Authentic ​positive online reviews from your customers are the single most powerful part of any modern marketing strategy as they're ​trusted ​like​ word-of-mouth referrals.

Prospects are increasingly turning to ratings left by their peers before choosing who to do business with.

Think about it, ​w​hen was the last time ​YOU...

Purchased a ​1-star product on Amazon?​

Visited a ​counsellor or ​therapist with ​just 2​​ Google ​stars​?

​Engaged a business coach with a ton of negative facebook reviews?

Stayed in a hotel or visited a restaurant slated on TripAdvisor?

​Hired a consultant with a bad reputation on LinkedIn?

​...NEVER​!  Right?

​The sad truth is ​most people don't bother leaving reviews unless they're​ unhappy and​ ​negative reviews ​can really hurt  - or in some cases even DESTROY - your business.


Your challenge as a business owner is how to ​persuade your happy customers to leave you authentic positive reviews ​online. 

ReviewYoo Automatically Generates Authentic Positive Online Reviews FAST

​​ReviewYoo is a cloud-based all-in-one review request, follow-up and reputation management system which is powerful yet easy-to-use. 

The software automatically gathers customer feedback and turns it into authentic, fresh, positive online reviews.

​Make no mistake, ​​​we're talking about real reviews from ​real customers not​ fake software-generate​d ​ones which will get you banned.

All major rating platforms are supported including Google, facebook, LinkedIn and TripAdvisor - and many more.

There's no software to install and no technical knowledge is required, it works beautifully with any computer or mobile device.

​Ideal for any kind of business​ - ​sole-traders, small companies, corporates, local, national, international or purely online.

​Coaches, Consultants, Web Designers, Speakers and ​Trainers are getting great results. So are ​Accountants, ​Doctors, ​Dentists, ​Lawyers, ​​Franchisees and ​Online ​Marketers. ​​​

​Whether you're selling products or services ​into B2C or B2B markets, ReviewYoo builds your online reputation on autopilot leaving you free to run your business. 

 Why ​Start ​TodayNOW​?

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For now, ​it's your secret weapon in winning the online ratings war ​for a ​​remarkably​ low early-bird price.

​By the time your ​competitors find us you'll already have a ton of positive reviews ​securing your position as the ​first choice ​leaving them ​struggling to catch up.​

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  Benefits Of Getting More Stars

​More Stars ​Mean More Customers​ ​& More Money

​​Businesses with 4 stars ​​bring in ​THREE-​AND-​A-​HALF-​TIMES​ more customers than ​those with just 2 stars.

​With ReviewYoo you'll ​generate an endless stream of authentic positive reviews boosting your star​ ratings across all ​major review platforms, on autopilot.

More Stars Mean Better Rankings​​ ​& ​More Web Visitors

​​The more stars you have, the ​​more likely you​'ll outrank​ your ​competitors in the search ​engines​ - even if ​they're spending a ton of money on SEO.

​With ReviewYoo you'll​ automatically ​improve your search rankings​ resulting in more website visitors, ​leads and ​sales.

More Stars ​​Mean ​​​Higher Prices ​​& ​Bigger Profits

​​Unfortunately​ buyers often treat ​products and services ​as commodities ​and​ ​just buy the cheapest.  

​Higher online ratings differentiate you from your competition ​meaning you can charge premium prices and make more profit.

​Which ​coach would you choose? No-star Victoria​? No-star Anne? ​... Or would you pay more for 5-star Katie?

​With ReviewYoo you'll​ never ​have to ​sell on price again ​as you'll always stand out as ​unique and ​best in breed.​

​​​More Stars ​Mean Higher Conversions & More Sales​​

​Many businesses spend huge sums ​​on fancy​ promotions only to lose the sale​​ when prospects see they have no reviews or ​BAD reviews​.

A continuous stream of ​authentic, fresh positive online reviews ​is pure conversion gold.

With ReviewYoo you'll get the most from your marketing budget by​ turning​ your customers into ​​a highly​ converting sales force ​you never have to pay​ a penny.

​​More Stars Make Your​ Website Work​ & Visitors Buy More  

​Imagine being able to ​automatically ​scan the internet 24/7 and display all your positive feedback ​​on your website​.

​Now you can with our unique ratings widget which picks out positive feedback and skips over negative feedback presenting you in the best light possible.

​​​When prospects ​see how ​impressed existing ​customersare​they​'re much more likely ​to hit your 'Buy Now' button.

​With ReviewYoo ​​​your website visitors will​ be left in no doubt they​'re ​making the right decision ​by choosing​ ​you ​over​ your competition.

​​More Stars ​Mean More Social Media Buzz ​& More Exposure

Let ReviewYoo automatically ​cop​y your positive reviews ​across social ​networks ​​spreading the love and increasing your​ exposure without ​lifting a finger.

​​​​A ​positive Google review ​instantly ​becomes ​an engaging facebook postand tweet​ getting people talking about your business.

With ReivewYoo ​your happy customers ​​do your content marketing for you, for free, for ever, on autopilot.

 Here's What ReviewYoo Does For You At A Glance

​​ReviewYoo is the most powerful system of its kind available today and contains dozens of features to help ​grow and manage your online reputation on autopilot.

Here's just ​five of the ​ways the software ​starts helping you the moment you sign up​.

​Many of our customers receive their first ​positive online review within​ just hours of getting started ​and you could too.

​1. Generates Authentic Positive Reviews

FACT #1: ​​​​Most businesses have no idea how to solicit genuine positive reviews from their clients and have no system in place to do so.

FACT #2: Many ​of your clients don't know how to leave ​you feedback ​and they​ ​won't bother finding out unless they​'re unhappy and want to hurt you with negative reviews.​

ReivewYoo ​​​is an all-in-one solution which automatically asks for feedback and makes it easy for happy customers to post authentic ​POSITIVE reviews across all major ratings sites​​​ ​including Google, facebook, LinkedIn and TripAdvisor.​​​

​2. Intercepts ​​NEGATIVE Feedback BEFORE ​It ​Hurts You​

ReviewYoo's intelligent feedback engine intercepts potential bad reviews before they​'re posted ​publicly giving you the chance to put things right​.

Do not underestimate the value of this feature, it's HUGE.

​While nobody can stop someone determined to leave ​bad ​feedback, ​fast action to resolve an issue could soon become a positive review about a problem solved.

​You'll be instantly ​notified by email and SMS when feedback is left so you can respond rapidly and remain in control of your all-important online reputation.

​​3. Puts You In Control ​With ​An Intuitive Reputation Dashboard ​​​

​​​Knowledge is power and with your clear and easy-to-understand dashboard you'll always know where your online reputation stands.​​​

​No more guess​ work, your dashboard tells you at a glance ​all you need to know Watch your reputation grow and grow on autopilot.

​​You'll ​​receive regular reports​ ​via email​ so you can keep tabs on everything from your inbox without even having to log in - easy.

​​​4. Consolidates Feedback So You Can Monitor And Resolve Issues All ​In One Place ​​​

​​​​No more hunting around the internet trying to find, read and respond to feedback.

​ReviewYoo gathers all your feedback into a single page making it easy to keep track of who's saying what and respond to negative feedback if ​needed. 

Remember, ​​negative feedback well handled and caught before it goes public can often turn ​into a glowing positive ​review on one of the major ratings sites enhancing your online reputation. 

5. ​Killer App: Your High-​Conversion Sales Page, Updated Daily

Social proof in the form of positive feedback from your customers ​is way more powerful than any sales copy​​​.

​​Referrals are the best form of new business​ ​so ReviewYoo harnesses​ the good-will of your ​existing customers and uses it ​to sell to ​​your ​prospects.

​​The software automatically creates ​an ​incredibly persuasive sales page​ which becomes an invaluable part of ​your sales and marketing ​collateral​. 

​The page​ includes​ your company details PLUS ​fresh new positive reviews from Google, facebook​ and other major review sites.

Forward it as part of your sales pitch​ or  link to it in your ​​email signature.​​

​As the page is automatically updated daily ​it converts like magic.

This feature ALONE ​could be worth ​many times your modest monthly subscription fee!

 How ReviewYoo Works In 5 Easy Steps

STEP 1: ​Add Your Customers

Simply type in your customer's name, email address and/or mobile phone number and hit submit.

That's it, that's all you need to do. ​The system ​immediately gets to work asking for ​feedback on autopilot. ​​​

No technical skills are needed​, you don't even need to be logged into the system.

The form is mobile-friendly so you can ​​add customers from your smart phone or tablet​ - great when you​'re out and about meeting clients.

Of course if you already have your customers' details in spreadsheet form ​you can upload​ them directly into the system to save​ time.​

​​If your business is automated using Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign or other popular platforms feedback requests can be sent out completely on autopilot.

We can even hook into Xero Accounts​ - the accounts ​software ​taking ​small businesses by storm.

​​STEP ​2: ​​Your Customers Receive A Simple Email ​And/Or SMS

Within seconds your customers automatically receive a​ message via email and/or SMS thanking them for their business and ​inviting them to leave feedback.

​Simply ​​asking their opinion will impress them and make them more inclined to leave you positive feedback. 

 As soon as they click ​the link they​'re seamlessly taken to ​STEP 3 below.

STEP ​​​3: ​​​Ask For Feedback And Invoke Intelligent Routing

​Customers are asked to give you a star rating and leave comments before hitting the 'Submit' button. 

​Once they hit '​​​Submit' the magic happens and the true power of ReviewYoo is invoked.

At this point their review is not public, instead it's held within the system where nobody but you can see it.

ReviewYoo's intelligent routing algorithm instantly ​​detects whether ​the review is positive or negative based upon the number of stars they've awarded you. 

Read ​this next part carefully, you'll be amazed.

IF THEIR REVIEW IS POSITIVE they're​ taken directly to ​STEP 5 ​where they're invited to ​copy their review​ to one of the major public ratings sites such as Google​, facebook, LinkedIn and TripAdvisor etc. ​ 

IF THEIR REVIEW IS ​NEGATIVE ​ReviewYoo automatically intercepts it ​BEFORE it goes ​PUBLIC and takes ​the customer straight to STEP 4 ​below ​so they can tell you about the​​ issue and prevent a negative public review being posted. 

STEP ​​​​4: ​​​​Intercept Negative Feedback Before It Goes Public

If your customer's not happy we intercept their negative feedback before it goes public and direct them to a page asking ​how we can ​make it right. 

​ReviewYoo just saved your business from ​receiving a damaging public negative review. Priceless!​

​You​'re instantly notified by email​ and SMS so you'll always be aware someone needs help.

​Most customers will be more than happy to give you the opportunity to ​address their issue. ​​Negative reviews are usually the result of feeling neglected. 

​​FACT: ​​Re​search shows people are more likely to give you a positive review if you handle their complaints well than if the problem hadn't occurred​ in the first place!

​You've ​created a ​genuine win-win situation out of what could have ​turned into an expensive ​nightmare.

Your customers remain happy and your positive online reputation continues to grow​ thanks to ReivewYoo.

​​STEP ​​​​​5: ​Ask Happy Customers For A Public Review

If your customer gets ​this ​far, we already know they're happy because they told us so in ​STEP 3 above.

​​ReveiwYoo immediately ​ask​s them to tell the world how ​pleased they are with you by ​posting feedback ​to one of the major public review sites.

​Of course, ​not everyone will oblige​ but we've made it super-easy for them to do so. 

All they have to do is click on one of the review site icons we present to them.​

You choose ​where you'd like to be reviewed; ​ Google, facebook, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor - in fact, any site ​important to your business.

​Confusion ​is​ the main reason​ people seldom bother to leave feedback unless they're ​angry enough to want to hurt you with negative feedback.

With ReviewYoo ​there's ​never any confusion as​ ​your customer​s ​​are taken straight to the right place to leave their review.

​​​You'll quickly start receiving ​​positive reviews​ and enjoy all the benefits having a ​great online reputation brings.

What Our Users Are Saying​

ReviewYoo is so cool. We went from 0 to 18 positive reviews within first couple of weeks of signing up.

It also highlighted the concerns of 2 customers which we were able to address preventing potential negative reviews. Highly recommended.

Simone Vincenzi - Partner

​I received my first 5 Star Google review within just hours of signing up for my ReviewYoo account.

The system is very easy to use and it's great to know it's working to grow my reputation while I serve my clients. I love it.

​Peter Gourri - Coach

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