​​​​Earn Generous Recurring Commissions On Autopilot

​​We pay ​YOU for promoting ReviewYoo to your network

As every business owner knows, advertising ​and​ promotion is expensive and the best ​leads come from personal referrals which is why we​'d prefer to pay you ​rather than Google or facebook to get the word out about ReviewYoo.

Introducing Our Partner Programme

If you're an influencer with a network, our ReviewYoo Partner Programme is the perfect way to earn extra recurring income as we pay you a percentage of the revenues generated from sales resulting from leads you send us​.

Online marketers, franchise holders, business network owners and well connected individuals are making great money simply by recommending ReviewYoo to their tribes.

How Does It Work?

​Once you​'re accepted onto the Partner Programme we'll ​provide you with a unique link to send out to your contacts.

​As soon as they click on the link they'll be taken to our website and our software will automatically track sales made and credit you with a percentage of the revenues generated.

​You'll earn ​commission on the initial sale AND on the ongoing monthly or annual subscription dues for ​every customer's entire subscription lifetime.

You'll be able to track sales from your dedicated Partner Dashboard and ​commissions will be automatically paid into your PayPal account.

​Our Partner Programme is completely free of charge and ​there's ​NO ​LIMIT to the number of referrals you can make to us and therefore no limit to the amount you can earn!

Do I have to do anything else?

​​No. You simply send us qualified leads and we'll pay you commission on the sales which result. 

We handle absolutely everything else - including ongoing support.

​How much commission can I earn?

​​​Commission rates vary depending upon the quality of the leads you send us and therefore the number of sales we make as a result​.  

​Percentages will be discussed with you as part of the sign-up process. 

​Frequently Asked Questions

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